2017 Update—February 21st to March 3rd

On Friday the 24th I had a meeting on education policy and one on animal welfare. On Saturday the 25th I attended a community meeting called by Newark City Councilperson Morehead to discuss the proposed purchase of the Rodney dorm complex by the city. Later that day I assisted in Stephanie Hansen’s successful election-day efforts.

On Monday the 27th I had a meeting to discuss the city’s legislative concerns. That evening I joined a local group seeking to be more effective in their issue advocacy, and afterwards attended the Newark City Council meeting (I had my aide deliver a statement I prepared earlier, addressing a few issues most notably the building proposal which the council rejected later that night). On Tuesday I joined a Newark Senior Center Meals on Wheels volunteer on their rounds delivering hot meals to area senior citizens. That evening I attended a meeting of the WEIC committee, at which the Governor and state Secretary of Education spoke. I also spoke up, regarding methods to improve the fairness of resource allocation to our public schools. On Wednesday morning I hosted my monthly community coffee at Caffe’ Gelato. I had a lunch meeting on several topics, including the direct shipment of wine legislation. Afterwards I met with the Governor and discussed the budget, and several additional General Assembly matters. That evening I attended the fifth annual ceremony recognizing those who have saved people’s lives after sudden cardiac arrest incidents. On Friday the 3rd I led a session on successful advocacy at the Osher Academy of Lifelong Learning, and I attended an event organized by the Delaware United group.


I have been pretty busy these two weeks in preparing several pieces of legislation that I expect to release in the next several days and weeks. They address issues such as FOIA, direct shipment of wine, data privacy, earned income tax credit, and medical aid in dying. I have also emailed colleagues about legislation that they are preparing to release.

I have had some emails related to recent and upcoming meetings. In the case of City of Newark meetings, I have sometimes had emails and/or phone calls to help me understand fine points.

I have had emails exchanged with constituents on issues including the state’s payments towards the nurses and drivers education programs at Delaware’s Catholic private schools. Another common concern is selecting our US President by a national popular vote.

I helped the teacher at an area public school who is concerned about his students’ families’ immigration rights, and I shared details on a meeting at which their rights were explained. I addressed a parent’s concerned about her trans child, and their rights and protections should they attend schools in the Christina School District.

I helped a resident identify the right people to share their family’s disappointment in how their father was treated in his final weeks, by an area hospital and an area hospice.