Serving Newark

We will work harder, work smarter, and work together, and here’s how.
—Paul Baumbach

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Paul serves on three economic-themed House committees, and two housing-themed House committees, chairing the House Manufactured Housing Committee. In 2013, he led the successful efforts in the House to pass rent justification legislation to addresses a problem that has plagued these communities for decades.

While Paul doesn’t sit on the House Education committee, he has taken an active role in several education matters. He joined Senator Bryan Townsend in sponsoring two education bills last year, one to boost the transparency of the state’s award of grants, and to establish a District-Charter Collaboration Task Force, a task force on which Paul sits. He is committed to finding improvements to our state education system, including the consideration of big, out-of-the-box concepts such as changing the basic funding system we use in Delaware, and whether our current high-stakes testing approach is helping or hurting our students.

Paul is working to ensure that our roads are in the best possible shape, maximizing the impact of the annual Community Transportation Fund dollars to repair roads in and around Newark and helping to fund the ‘sharrows’ that show motorists and cyclists how best to share the road.

With his business background, Paul immerses himself in matters such as the annual budget, income tax policy, proposed changes to insurance law, state resource management, best practices for income tax brackets, minimum wages and the earned income tax credit. He is sponsoring legislation that would include the city of Newark in the ‘county seat program’ to compensate Delaware cities that contain a large proportion of tax-exempt properties (such as the University of Delaware). Paul has also worked with the city to improve their rules and regulations, championing several necessary changes to the city charter.

The part of the job that Paul enjoys the most is making a clear difference right here in Newark. He has been able to join in a 100-year birthday, celebrations of major church and other organization anniversaries, the placement of historic markers and the opening of city and county parks. Paul has enjoyed making presentation to a life-saving nursing student from Hodgson Vo-Tech and to sports teams with incredible years.


If you have an issue you care deeply about, please call Paul at (302)562-4546 or