2016 Update – September 6th to 17th

On Tuesday the 6th I met with a resident and worked with them and the Division of Revenue to resolve a tax matter. Later that afternoon I participated in a bill signing in Wilmington for several juvenile justice reform laws. On the 7th I hosted my monthly constituent coffee at Caffe’ Gelato in the morning. On the 8th I attended the annual Governors Conference on Housing in Dover. On Friday the 9th I attended two remembrance ceremonies for Patriot’s Day, the first at the Delaware Military Academy school and the second at the City of Newark’s city hall. On Saturday the 10th I attended ‘Owner’s Day at Delaware Park,’ and learned more about the program which encourages out-of-state race horses to be boarded at Delaware farms, boosting our economy.

On Sunday the 11th I attended a Newark Symphony Orchestra event at a home in Covered Bridge. On the 12th I was a keynote speaker at the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware near AI DuPont Hospital. I spoke about the House, but also about the CARE Act which we passed in June, the bill will ensures that caregivers are provided with sufficient information when patients are discharged from hospitals. Later that day I attended a meeting of the UD faculty at which the new UD President make a presentation and fielded several questions. On the 13th I spent most of the day at Downes Elementary School greeting voters.

On the 14th I had a meeting with the state Medicaid office, exploring improved funding for ambulance services and also exploring how they might adopt the prior authorization program which will be required of private health insurers as of January. That afternoon I attended an open house at the new Food Bank of Delaware property, which is twice the size of their current site. That evening I joined Senator Dave Sokola at Nonantum Mills, to discuss further a contentious concrete ramp and wall adjacent which was installed this summer while the street was repaved. On the 15th I met with the executive committee of the UD faculty senate to hear their news and concerns, and afterwards I met with the Newark Chapter of the NAACP. On Friday I met with the Speaker of the House in Dover, then attended the annual Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association in Dover, and later that day I attended a meeting of DSEA Leaders (serving our teachers, paraprofessionals, food service workers, building maintenance staff, office workers, and bus drivers). On Saturday the 17th Pam and I attended a fundraiser for my colleague Representative Bryon Short at Arden Hall.


Many emails have dealt with the White Clay Creek State Park, the planned Tri-Valley Trail, a proposed memorial bell at the new parking lot, extended hour usage by cyclists and hikers, and access to trails during hunting and during the construction of the planned trail. Some emails addressed a concern raised regarding the very low water level at the Newark Reservoir.

Some emails deal with a location for the antenna for Radio Newark. Some emails addressed successfully resolving an impasse the City of Newark had encountered with the state Department of Labor regarding street repaving contracts, repaving projects that Senator Sokola and I helped to fund jointly with the city. One email (and a subsequent Facebook post) addressed the continuing rumors being spread regarding the Fairfield Shopping Center.

Some emails deal with a ‘problem property’ in Chapel Hill. Some dealt with the concerns that a rental property owner has with their rights when the property is within the city, or within the county. One dealt with asking DelDOT to install a NO OUTLET sign at the entrance to a dead-end street in the district, which DelDOT did VERY promptly.

There have been some emails regarding the ongoing issue of proper funding between the traditional and the charter schools. Some emails related to whether the DMV actively supports voter registration at their offices throughout the month. There were some emails relating to a historical plaque that Senator Sokola and I are funding for the Mt. Zion Church off New London Road.

Some emails dealt with an incident on Main Street on Friday the 9th, in which a gentleman who may be homeless and may have been intoxicated was forcibly taken by several private citizens from the middle of the street to the sidewalk and restrained until the Newark Police arrived.

Some emails related to an issue I raised regarding the posting of a campaign event on the Nextdoor online forum which is intended to NOT have any campaign postings.

Many emails related to the meetings described above (and upcoming meetings). Some of these emails deal with meetings with Senator Sokola, City Councilperson Mark Morehead and communities with questions and concerns over a proposed development off Valley Road.