Category: Legislative Updates

2018 Update—April 29th to May 28th

Update—April 29th to May 28th On Monday April 30th I attended a meeting regarding electronic medical prescriptions, to increase accuracy and reduce costs. Afterwards I attended the signing of HB302, the Beau Biden Gun Violence Reduction Act. On Tuesday the

2018 Update – April 15th to 28th

  On Monday the 16th I attended a forum hosted by the @CityofNewarkDelaware at the George Wilson Center on the upcoming referendum to address both the city’s stormwater challenges, and the need to step up our replacement of decades-old water

2018 Update—March 31st to April 14th

  We had our Spring/Easter break from the legislative session this past two weeks. On Monday the 2nd I caught on Facebook Live a meeting on the healthcare benchmark project. On Monday the 2nd and Tuesday the 3rd in the

2018 Update—March 18th to 30th

On Tuesday the 20th in Dover I attended the kids caucus, and held two meetings with manufactured home owners and their advocates. The legislative session was cancelled on the 21st due to snow. On Thursday I met with the Delaware

2018 Update—March 4th to 17th

  On Sunday the 4th I attended a forum in Wilmington sponsored by the Delaware Sierra Club on Delaware’s Renewable Portfolio Standards. On Monday I went to Cab Calloway School of the Arts to meet a gathering of several clubs

2018 Update—February 18th to March 3rd

On Tuesday the 20th I attended a lecture at the UD by John Carlos, who, with Tommie Smith, gave the 1968 Olympics Human Rights Salute. The lecture was excellent, and inspiring. Afterwards I attended a meet and greet with one

2018 Update—January 21st to February 17th

On Sunday the 21st I attended a worship service at the New Ark UCC Church noting the 40th anniversary of the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision. Afterwards, I attended a symposium at the Masjid Isa mosque in Newark, which

2018 Update—January 7th to 20th

On Monday the 8th I joined in the monthly board meeting of the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence. That evening I attended an annual dinner hosted by the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce. On Tuesday I stopped by Rep Mike

2018 Update—December 18th to January 6th

On Monday the 18th I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Chemours research and innovation center on the UD STAR campus. On Tuesday the 19th I taped a segment with Larry Mendte on various legislative matters. On Wednesday night I

2017 Update—November 19th to December 17th

OK, I am a little behind on my legislative updates. On Monday November 20th I attended the local chapter meeting of the Coalition to End the New Jim Crow. On Tuesday evening the 21st I attended the annual Newark Thanksgiving