Update—October 26th to November 2nd

On Sunday the 26th the Newark Halloween Parade was cancelled but we had a fundraiser. On Monday I attended a UD class on global climate change with guest speaker DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin. Afterwards I attended a portion of the Newark city council meeting. On Tuesday late afternoon I had a meeting to review legislation I am working on related to school board member requirements. Afterwards I attended the forum with Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings, State Senator Bryan Townsend, and State Rep Ed Osienski at Kirk Middle School. On Wednesday morning I led the meeting of the Local Service Fee task force that is crafting an improved system of charging county taxes to residents of municipalities. On Thursday I attended the visitation for a grandmother of a colleague, and also met with a business owner related to an auto repair policy I am exploring. On Friday morning I had a call with the US Global Leadership Coalition, and in the afternoon I had a call with legislators across the country related to an interstate compact to end corporate welfare. On Saturday I attended a Newark Partnership workshop on public school funding and its challenges.


I had emails related to legislation that I am working on, including the medical aid-in-dying bill, ensuring in-state tuition for children of long-time Delaware residents here on visas, a bill to improve oversight of school board candidates and members, a bill to establish free or low-cost car repair services by supervised high school students for low-income and seniors during the summer, a bill to make it difficult to evict a tenant who is a survivor of domestic abuse, a bill to have Delaware join an interstate compact to prohibit corporate welfare,

I am looking into ensuring street lighting for Creek Road between the Pomeroy Trail Extension and the top of the hill where the sidewalk begins. I requested a speed study on Valley Road, and explored a speed bump near Maclary Elementary School. I asked the Delaware Medicaid office about a recent trend to offer ride-share benefits to those who qualify for Medicaid. I have had emails exploring allegations of poor handling of students with IEPs in our schools. I spoke with a father who has questions with the Newark Police Department’s handling of a family situation.

I had emails from two residents seeking the reversal of the youth and training wage we passed in June 2018, about six year old Executive Order 41: Preparing Delaware for Emerging Climate Impacts and Seizing Economic Opportunities from Reducing Emissions, about increasing funding of the state’s libraries, about a missing street sign, and about a veteran who is in need of additional services.