2019 Update—February 18th to March 3rd

I was out of town through February 22nd. On Saturday the 23rd I attended the memorial celebration of the life of Joe Moss. On Monday the 25th I joined House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst and met with several students from Newark Charter High School who seek reduced plastic use and pollution. I met with a Christina School District board member that afternoon, and joined a conference call with Compassion & Choices, to strategize our efforts to bring the Delaware End of Life Options Act forward. On Tuesday I joined a conference call on SB27, the Share the Care Act. That afternoon I attended the Joseph R Biden Jr. School of Public Policy of Public Policy & Administration Shaping the Future program at Clayton Hall. That evening I attended the meeting of the Christina School District board. On Wednesday morning I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Fairfield Shopping Center Food Lion, and then hosted my monthly coffee at the Greene Turtle. That afternoon I attended a meeting of the League of Women Voters at Dover’s Modern Maturity Center to discuss the issues surrounding the End of Life Options Act, and afterwards I met with a leader of a Lutheran church public policy group. That evening I attended the monthly meeting of the Newark chapter of the NAACP. On Thursday I spent the day at Shue-Medill Middle School. That afternoon I attended a meeting with legislators and DelDOT and Newark officials, learning more about the upcoming Main Street project. On Friday afternoon I met with a constituent to discuss several issues, and afterwards I met with a legislator to discuss many issues. While I was scheduled to volunteer on Friday with the Newark Senior Center’s Meals on Wheels program, it was cancelled due to the snow. I attended a musical at Newark Charter High School on Friday night. On Saturday morning the 2nd I attended the National Guard Change of Command ceremony.

Emails—I had emails about the two EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) reform bills I am authoring. I had emails about the plastic straw resolution I am crafting, and about a joint resolution related to Sikh Appreciation and Awareness month I am working on.

I have had emails about the bill to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21 (I support it), about the National Popular Vote bill (I support it), the bill to raise penalties for illegally parking in spaces reserved for those with disabilities (I support it), loosening the requirements for medical marijuana cards (I support it), changes to Delaware’s estate and trust law (I support them), HB47 the minimum wage bill (I support it), extending Delaware’s mortgage foreclosure mediation program (I support it), and adding health centers to Delaware’s high-needs elementary schools (I support it).

I have had emails about potential legislative matters including asset forfeiture, two FOIA bills (one related to colleges and one regarding web-conferencing), relaxing requirements for in-office pain treatment, a resolution to affirm Delaware’s strong relations with Taiwan, and direct wine shipment to residents.

I had emails about SB50, which would help raise money for DelTech to maintain their buildings—this bill is being withdrawn. I had emails related to four female reproductive health bills (I do not support them).

I had emails about road signs for Newark-area museums, about upcoming DelDOT workshops, about potholes, about UD’s request for more funding to enable them to offer free tuition to Delaware residents, holding a demo of Delaware’s new voting machines, about trimming trees that obscure visibility at community entrances, about traffic light timing in town, and about the new school ‘report card’, about the newly opened Newark medical marijuana dispensary.

I worked with the Christina school district on a question of compensated and uncompensated time worked by its employees earlier this school year.