2019 Update—January 5th to 21st

On Monday evening the 7th I attended the annual Delaware State Chamber of Commerce dinner at the Chase Center. On Tuesday the legislative session began. I had meetings with members of the Department of Health and Social Services, and with advocates and with those with concerns related to the End of Life Options Act. I attended the Project Citizens Night event at Newark Charter High School where all ninth graders, in groups, presented their own proposals for improving our community. Immediately after this I addressed an Arrow of Light Cub Scout troop in Hockessin. On Wednesday I attended a reception in the Governor’s office to commend the Delaware firefighters who fought fires across the country in 2018. On Thursday the 10th before session I attended a program on the female legislators who introduced the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. On Friday morning I joined several other legislators and had breakfast with the New Castle County school district superintendents. I had a phone call regarding the Share the Care Act, and another regarding benzodiazepines. I joined several members of the community at a reception at Café’ Gelato on Friday evening.

On Monday morning the 14th I hosted a meeting at the Drip Café for advocates and providers of services for the homeless. Later on Monday I joined a phone call strategizing for the End of Life Options Act. On Tuesday I drove to Dover to address the Delaware Librarians Association. After session I attended a reception at the Governor’s Dover residence, and then attended a meeting of the Civic League of New Castle County, where Senator Townsend and I discussed current legislative issues. On Wednesday morning the 16th I had breakfast with Christina School District superintendent Rick Gregg. After session I stopped by a reception for First Chance, a non-profit focused on serving Delaware’s children. On Thursday morning I attended a ribbon cutting at the redesigned Goodwill Industries facility at Newark Shopping Center. Before session in Dover on Thursday I stopped by the Small Business Caucus. After session on Thursday I joined my House colleagues in sexual harassment training. On Friday I had a meeting at a medical practice that provides a procedure which a recent law made more difficult to follow. On Saturday the 19th I spoke at and participated in the 2019 Newark Women’s March and rally. Later on Saturday I attended an exhibit at the Christina Cultural Arts Center for the Delaware Center for Justice. On Sunday the 20th I attended an interfaith service focused on the work of the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (MLK). On Monday late afternoon I attended a reading of selections from MLK’s Reflections from a Birmingham Jail at the Newark United Methodist Church.

Emails—I have highlighted below the bulk of emails I have had during the past two-plus weeks.

I have had emails about many pieces of legislation I work on, including manufactured housing, healthcare (End of Life Options Act, benzodiazepines, e-prescriptions, PFAS, applying for a federal waiver tied to Medicaid), education, economics (EITC–earned income tax credit, income tax reform), a libraries resolution, about plastic straw and plastic bag legislation, the PILOT bill for municipalities with a large amount of tax-exempt property, and electronic vehicles.

I have had emails about legislation coming before committees on which I serve, and regarding legislation that is being circulated for cosponsorship.

I have had emails with the city, about rental housing, about snow shoveling rules, about municipal voting rules, and about the recent closure of the pedestrian tunnel by the Rodney dorms.

I have had emails with DelDOT regarding potholes, about road maintenance plans, about traffic management concerns, and the location of a speed sign on Nottingham Road.

I have had emails with Department of Education regarding the implementation of the new state maternity leave law.

I have had emails with constituents regarding county billing residents for HOA fees, with obtaining a photo ID, and regarding funded 2019 community road projects.

I tried to connect an aspiring Eagle Scout to a project.