2019 Update—December 23rd to January 4th

Due to the holidays, the pace during past two weeks was slower, thankfully. On Wednesday morning the 26th I joined Rep Gerald Brady to meet with four students from Newark Charter High School to discuss environmental legislation. I had lunch with Chris Norton, my new legislative aide. On Tuesday the 1st I attended the swearing in ceremony for State Treasurer Colleen Davis. On Wednesday I hosted a well-attended monthly coffee, with two guests from the UD public policy institute. That afternoon I met with the Delaware Restaurant Association to discuss legislative priorities. On Thursday I joined a conference call on the Delaware End of Life Options Act. On Friday I spoke with a legislative attorney about a proposed bill.

I had emails about upcoming legislation, on plastic straws, on plastic bags, on improvements to voting, on manufactured housing, on electronic prescriptions, the Share the Care Act, and on finalizing the End of Life Options Act draft.

I setup the next meeting of a local group to explore homelessness issues.

As a followup to a healthy discussion at our monthly coffee, I had emails regarding the lawsuit against the state and counties, related to the inadequate funding system for our public schools.

I had emails with DelDOT, regarding work on Possum Park Road, about potholes on Casho Mill and Elkton Roads, and on flooding on Valley Road.

I have had emails with the City of Newark, regarding a crime report, and regarding student housing needs and policy.

I responded to a constituent, inquiring about the best path to follow to learn of state services available to their relative, and another regarding access to programs to help lower income senior citizens afford necessary home repairs.

I have had emails regarding primary care physician needs, about the most recent DEFAC report, about the upcoming Equal Rights Amendment events, and about ‘step therapy’ in which insurance companies direct customers to potentially less-effective, less expensive prescriptions initially, stepping you up to more effective, more expensive medication if/when the initial ones fail to help.