2018 Update—August 25th to September 9th

On Tuesday the 28th I met with several individuals who have concerns with the White Clay Creek State Park master plan. On Wednesday I went to Wilmington for the signing of HB386, which provides insurance coverage for Delaware residents with PANS, an autoimmune disorder. On Thursday morning, I joined a meeting regarding improving the usage of e-prescriptions, which can save lives through reduced errors, while improving turnaround time for consumers. On Friday I attended a town hall at UD for a candidate for US Senate.

On Labor Day I joined the Labor Day Parade in Wilmington, attended the AFSCME Labor Day picnic, and went to White Clay Creek State Park for their season-ending concert. On Tuesday morning I attended the Wilmington bill signing of HB104, which improves the funding for those providing services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. On Wednesday morning I hosted my monthly coffee at Greene Turtle. That afternoon I attended the Medicaid Buy-in task force that I co-chair. Later that day I attended the WILMAPCO/DelDOT open house at the Newark Free Library on upcoming projects. On Thursday I voted, and went to several polling locations to encourage other voters. I also attended the celebration of Unique Impressions’ 30th anniversary.

Emails—There have been many emails over the past two or so weeks. Some related to the two task forces that I chair or co-chair.

There have been emails related to City of Newark issues, including parking on Thorn Lane, the proposed housing development off Paper Mill Road, unaccompanied minors riding their bicycles to school and to our parks, and traffic at Downes Elementary School.

There have been emails related to DelDOT, including an intersection at Estates at Corner Ketch, the Main Street project, traffic challenges approaching the Delaware Memorial Bridge, a drainage matter in Nonantum Mills, data stored on Delaware drivers licenses, traffic data for East Cleveland Avenue, and traffic flow onto Margaret Street

I have had emails related to a proposed unveiling of Elwood Roy Avenue, the public education funding & athletic trainers in high schools, the imminent purchase of new voting systems for Delaware, and significant state police presence at Delcastle High School during election day, the speed limit and stop sign enforcement in Chapel Hills, a Newark organization’s difficulties working with the unclaimed property office., and insurance coverage of concussion testing.