2018 Update—July 15th to August 12th

On Sunday the 15th I joined Rep Ed Osienski to present a tribute to a Newark resident on her 100th birthday celebration with her family. On Tuesday the 17th I attended a meeting I called to explore the issue of healthy communities and funding sources. That evening I joined the Lieutenant Governor to present tributes for the Junior League of Wilmington’s 100th anniversary. On the 18th I attended a meeting with the city, DelDOT, and Main Street merchants to discuss the coming Main Street project. That afternoon I drove to Georgetown to attend a meeting of the Continuum of Care, the umbrella organization involved with overseeing services and grants for the homeless Delawareans.

On Monday the 23rd I attended a visitation/service for Dr. Phil Pollner, a Newark physician who spent his life advocating for affordable healthcare for all. That afternoon I attended the Wilmington bill signing for SB65, which prohibits the use of debunked conversion therapy in Delaware. On Tuesday I attended the city meeting where two candidates for city manager made presentations, and afterwards I attended the quarterly meeting of the advisory committee for the White Clay Creek State Park. On Wednesday morning, in White Clay Creek State Park, I joined many of my colleagues in joining the Aetna fire company in a ceremony marking their acquisition of an ATV to aid in their rescue mission. The ATV was funded through CTF grants of many area legislators. On Thursday I attended the Delaware State Fair. On Friday I met with a legislative attorney to plan out an upcoming task force which I chair. Later on Friday I presented a tribute to Bryan Stambaugh for his 25 years of service as a volunteer swim teach coach for the UD community pool.

On Sunday the 28th to Tuesday the 30th I was in Los Angeles, attending a conference with the American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention. On Thursday back home I had a tour of the Hockessin Girl Scout camp, and afterwards attended a meeting of the 23rd RD Democratic Committee to discuss upcoming events. On Friday the 3rd I attended a meeting with the city and DelDOT and colleagues to discuss the Main Street project, and that afternoon I attended a DelDOT presentation on the upcoming Delaware Avenue project.

On Sunday August 5th to Tuesday the 7th I attended the CSG East Conference (Council of State Governments) outside New York City, attending sessions on immigration, reducing helth care costs, disruptive technology (the convergence of autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and solar power), women in politics, cyber security and our elections, and 2018 elections outlook, and I took a tour of a maritime college. Wednesday evening I attended a ceremony announcing the USS Delaware, a new submarine which will be the first Navy ship named after Delaware in almost a century. On Thursday morning I held my monthly constituent coffee at the Greene Turtle, and later had a meeting with UD Police to discuss many matters, including their pursuit policy.

Emails—Over the past four weeks I have had many emails.

I had some emails with friends with the city of Wilmington and the Islamic community regarding the swimming pool issue that arose last month.

I worked with DNREC to help ensure that the Hike Across Delaware could proceed.

I worked with DelDOT on one issue of an address change on a vehicle title, on the multiple upcoming road projects in Newark (Cleveland Avenue, Main Street, Delaware Avenue), on potholes, on signal timing, on a traffic concern within the Estates at Corner Ketch.

I worked with the Department of Finance to learn more about airBnB taxation and taxation of beach rentals.

I worked with Delaware State Police on clarifying cyclists’ rights and responsibilities in light of a law we passed last year.

I worked with the Governor’s office on coordinating bill signings, on appointments to the board of the Newark Housing Authority, on arranging a date/time to unveil the Elwood Roy Avenue street sign honoring Mr. Roy.

I worked with the House Speaker on task force assignments (I serve as the chair/co-chair of two and plan to attend meetings of a third). As chair of the manufactured housing task force, I have had emails encouraging quick appointments of members, and on preparing for the format of the meetings, and the agenda for the first meeting.

I worked with the Department of Elections and good government advocates on election system security.

I worked with Delaware Department of Education on their state assessments, on the Regulation 225 decision.

I have worked (unsuccessfully) with New Castle County Police to request speed enforcement.

I worked with the City of Newark on issues of replacing degraded concrete where driveways meet city streets, and on the expected timing of the Rodney complex/stormwater basin/park project.

I have had emails working to offer a Naloxone Training program in Newark, likely in October, for people who have a family member or friend who is addicted to heroin, people who wish to be trained on and equipped with the life-saving Naloxone.

I am working on/exploring several pieces of legislation, including one on plastic straws, and one on plastic bags, regulation/taxation/legalization of adult-use marijuana, Share the Care Act, on unscheduled anxiety medications, and on requiring Delaware residency in order to run for US Senate from Delaware

I have emails with constituents on many matters, including the proposal for a road tax based on miles driven rather than fuel purchased, on the amount of time an autopsy takes, on absentee ballots, on services to the local homeless population, and on the matter of a tree that fell from a church onto a nearby home, resulting in the home being condemned.