2018 Update—June 24th to July 14th

On Sunday the 24th I had a meeting regarding ham radio and how it serves our state. On Monday the 25th I attended a family farewell event for the Delaware Air National Guard (166th Airlift Wing). On Tuesday the 26th in Dover I met with the member of the Young African Leaders Institute/Mandela Washington Fellows, and with members of PAWS for People. On Friday I had a conference call with Compassion and Choices about end of life options policy. I was in Dover on Tuesday through Thursday afternoon, and on Saturday from 2pm until 8:30am on Sunday morning.

On Tuesday the 10th I attended the White Clay Creek State Park open house on their Master Plan, and I had a conference call with Compassion and Choices. On Wednesday the 11th I held my monthly coffee, at Newark’s Greene Turtle, this time with DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin. That afternoon I taped two video segments on legislation we passed in June. On Thursday the 12th I had a meeting with DelDOT to discuss the upcoming Main Street project.


I had emails about June’s legislation, including our bills to make it easier for residents to vote, for better funding for families with a relative with intellectual and developmental disabilities, HB460 (budget smoothing), HB456 (lead paint), HB110 (marijuana regulation, taxation, legalization—cosponsor), HB429 (cybersecurity—prime sponsor), HB436 (manufactured housing), HB450 (adult expungement of criminal records—cosponsor), HB386 (PANDAS neuropsychiatric syndrome—prime sponsor), HB422 (homelessness council—prime sponsor), HB113 (Earned Income Tax Credit—prime sponsor), HB165 (direct shipment of wine to consumers—prime sponsor), HB451 (HSCA hazardous cleanup), HB454 (Voluntary School Assessments), SB221 & SB222 (bail reform—cosponsor), HB458 (prescription monitoring), HB124 (destructive weapons), HB163 (military style firearms), HB357 (tracking sex offenders—cosponsor), HR35 (Department of Elections audit—prime sponsor), SB152 (electronic vehicles—prime sponsor), SB257 (Newark PILOT bill—prime sponsor), and SB170 (minimum wage—cosponsor and floor manager)

I had emails about potential legislation, including one on plastic straws, laboratory animal welfare, limiting voting in municipal elections to individuals (no LLC owners), a sugary drink tax, and vaping.

I worked with attorneys on an amendment to HR24 (task force for manufactured housing), and to SB172 (public education data reporting transparency).

I had emails with DelDOT, regarding a sidewalk matter in Nonantum Mills, Thompson Station Road safety, a pothole in Chapel Hill, and Route 1 safety.

I had many emails regarding voting system replacement and security, about a family’s challenges working with the Department of Public Health on a led exposure concern, about a Cherry Hill resident’s concern with a to-be-demolished home, questions about local development projects (on Barksdale Road and Hillside Road, about Department of Education’s proposed Regulation 225, finding a residential program that could accept a resident’s adult child who needs help with a heroin addiction, setting up tributes for a 100th birthday, for a 100th anniversary of a non-profit, and for a 30-year volunteer effort, nuclear energy, and UD Police and City of Newark Policy pursuit policy.

I had emails about the Grant in Aid bill, and to the Joint Finance Committee.

Legislative Update—There is too much to go over here and now—I will work on preparing this later this month.