2018 Update—April 29th to May 28th

Update—April 29th to May 28th

On Monday April 30th I attended a meeting regarding electronic medical prescriptions, to increase accuracy and reduce costs. Afterwards I attended the signing of HB302, the Beau Biden Gun Violence Reduction Act. On Tuesday the 1st before legislative session I attended a meeting on the Sandy Hook Promise programs available to Delaware students to improve school safety. On Wednesday morning the 2nd I held my monthly constituent coffee, with special guest DHSS Secretary Dr Kara Odom Walker (herself a resident of our district). After session I attended a reception for groups providing adult education in Delaware, and also a meeting with representatives from CSG, the Council of State Governments. On Thursday the 3rd before session I attended the Walkable/Bikeable Delaware summit, and also a meeting of the Delaware Housing Alliance. On Friday morning I attended the joint Maryland/Delaware Library Association meeting in Cambridge, Maryland, at which I received the Distinguished Service Award. On Saturday the 5th in the morning I attended the NAMI Walk at Glasgow Park and that afternoon I attended the annual Creek Fest at the White Clay Creek State Park.

On Monday the 7th I joined Team 26 cyclists riding from Newtown, Connecticut to Washington DC to highlight the gun violence crisis and attended the rally on the UD campus. That afternoon I met with supporters of Planned Parenthood to discuss current legislative issues, then attended a Newark City Council meeting to discuss proposed legislation that would enable the city to pass a new lodging tax, and that evening I attended a monthly meeting of the local Democratic committee for our district. On Tuesday before session I attended a meeting with the local chain drug stores. On Wednesday I attended a meeting with supporters of the American Heart Association, another meeting with the League of Women Voters, and a third meeting with an organization of independent financial advisors. I met with representatives from the Salvation Army, and after session met with representatives from Delaware’s veterinarians. On Thursday before session I met with a representative from DTI to discuss an imminent bill to modify a cyber security council. After session I met with residents of Covered Bridge Farms and with members of the City of Newark staff to discuss a path to hooking the community up with public sewer service.

I was on vacation for most of the past two weeks, but on Friday afternoon had a meeting to discuss issues with the White Clay Creek State Park. On Saturday the 26th I door knocked in College Park, on Madison Drive. 

Emails—During the past four weeks, despite being out of session for two of those weeks, there has been a hefty amount of emails.

Many emails relate to my legislation: #HB160, End of Life Options Act, #HB165, Direct Wine Shipment bill, #HB113 Earned Income Tax Credit, #HB163, Beau Biden Foundation tax refund donation bill, #SB201 City of Newark PILOT bill (payment in lieu of taxes), #HB276 (a manufactured housing bill), #HB386 (medical insurance coverage for PANDAS, an autoimmune condition), and #HB278 (reducing the term of school board members to four years). I am finalizing several new bills, one on mechanics liens, one on City of Newark lodging tax, one on a change to the cyber security council, one to replace a homelessness council.

There are emails about other legislation: #HB416, swimming pool tax exemption, #HB110, Marijuana Control Act, #SB147, emergency care release from liability, #HB341 on requiring more lead time on submitted budgets, #HB170, the Angel Investor Act, #SB139 (IVF coverage for couples with fertility challenges), #SB161 for personal injury protection lawsuits, #HB235 on ‘return-to-field’ cat neutering, #HB317 immunity for donated wild game, #HB378 related to PII, personally identifying information of law enforcement and their family members,  #SB209 and #SB210 (a full rewrite of the Delaware criminal code), #SB166 (providing feminine hygiene products to female inmates of Delaware’s prisons), #SB65 prohibiting ‘conversion therapy’, #HB104 which improves funding for aides for those with disabilities, #HB346 credits towards the student loans of Delaware teachers,

I prepared an amendment for #HB380, to limit transfer tax credits for first-time buyers of homes worth over $600,000, however there was insufficient support to consider this change.

I have had many emails related to the many bills we are considering that are designed to reduce gun violence in Delaware. I am a cosponsor of most of them, including #HB222.

I have had many emails regarding road conditions, pot holes, construction, speed studies, etc. I have also been monitoring the progress on road projects Senator Sokola and I have funded in the past year-and-a-half, including several which were recently completed.

I had an email and discussion regarding the problems with the Interfaith Housing program for ex-offenders. I have had emails related to concerns tied to the Newark Housing Authority.

I have had many emails related to the budget process, including many requesting the restoration of the cuts made last year to non-profits including senior centers and fire companies.

I have had emails related to a proposed ‘convention of the states’, which I do not support as currently proposed. I have had emails related to improving voter turnout, which I strongly support, including #HB400 for same day voter registration.

I have had emails related to replacing our voting technology. I am working to ensure that we are making smart decisions on our replacements.

I have had many conversations related to the White Clay Creek State Park, including the upcoming revision of the park’s master plan.

Legislative Action—On May 1st, we passed #HB170, the Angel Investor act, #HB300, the bump stock bill, #HB363 to expand hours for voting for school board members and referenda. #HB374 that expands the list of conditions qualifying for medical marijuana, and #SB101 affecting treatment of retired research animals. On May 8th, we passed #HB377 to enable New Castle County to adopt a lodging tax, #HB380 reducing the realty transfer tax for first-time homebuyers, and #HB366 to require safe storage for firearms when there are children at risk. On the 9th, the House Economic Development committee released my #HB386, addressing insurance coverage for an autoimmune disease. On the 10th we passed #HB348 which puts a residency test on those who receive a tax credit on school taxes.