2017 Update—August 12th to 30th

From Sunday the 13th to Wednesday the 16th I attended a government leader conference in Connecticut. On Monday morning I joined a conference call for the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence, on whose board I sit. I attended a bill signing for HB180, my data breach bill, on the UD campus. That evening I held a Facebook town hall and fielded many questions.

I was on vacation to Oregon from the 19th to 26th. On the 30th I met with a resident whose company is having a struggle meeting the requirements for the Office of Supplier Diversity. After work on the 30th, I door-knocked further in Elan and Country Place.

Email—I had emails in the past two-plus weeks on sidewalks in town, the culvert and road surface of Valley Road, drainage issues at the entrance to West Meadow, traffic issues on Thompson Station Road and Chambers Rock Road, veteran survivor benefits, anti-panhandling laws and regulations, on an upcoming submission to the News Journal regarding contact lens wearer protections, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act that is before Congress, energy conservation programs, safe communities policy in Delaware, the SEED scholarship program, and I replied to two constituents regarding my opposition to a Convention of the States to reduce Congress’ powers to set fiscal policy.

I joined with several legislative colleagues in a joint letter to the Delaware Secretary of Education, regarding the transfers between home districts and the charter and choice schools that district students attend, and the process for calculating these transfers. I had several emails and phone calls over the past few days, regarding the proposal the Department of Education released on Monday.

I prepared a statement to celebrate the renaming of the street on which the BAPS Hindu Temple sits. I had emails related to Newark High School’s timeline for filling its then-open position for music teacher.