2017 Update—May 21st to June 2nd

On Sunday the 21st I participated in Newark’s Memorial Day ceremony and parade. On Monday joined with the UD faculty senate executive committee, and that evening I helped host an Education Forum at Newark High School. On Tuesday I attended the ribbon cutting for the new Candlewood Suites on route 896 just north of I95. I had a meeting Monday morning with advocates for an open space project and that evening attended an event with a Newark city councilperson.

On Tuesday the 30th I attended the Memorial Day event (with Vice President Joe Biden) at the Memorial adjacent to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. On Wednesday I had a meeting with industry stakeholders to explore their concerns with HB185, the data breach bill. On Thursday evening, June 1st, I participated in the Governor’s second town hall to consider HB110, the Marijuana Control Act.

Legislature—The legislature has been out of session during these two weeks. 

Emails—During the past two weeks I have had emails on a wide range of topics.

I have had many emails with proposed questions for the Education Forum.

A few emails shared views on the proposed increase to Delaware’s tobacco tax. Some emails were on HB85, the charter school 5-mile radius bill. Many on HB110, the Marijuana Control Act. Several on HB190, the proposed changes to the Coastal Zone Act. Some were on SB65 on ‘conversion therapy, some on SB27 (redistricting). Some were on HB16, Representative Ramone’s bill which would eliminate Delaware’s tax on inheritances over $5.5 million, others on HB109 (Rep Kowalko’s bill on personal income tax rates), others on HB113 (my Earned Income Tax Credit bill), some on HB153 (Industrial Accidents Board), some on HB 165 (my direct shipment of wine bill), HB131 (a manufactured housing bill)

I have received a large number of emails on SB5 (the Roe vs. Wade bill), on opposing cuts to public education, and on opposing cuts to funding for drivers education for Catholic schools, and on foreign assistance (which I suggested be taken up with our three federal elected officials).

There have been many emails about HB160, the End of Life Options act, including those preparing for Wednesday’s House Health Committee hearing on the bill.

I had several emails about SB48 (on pharmacies dispensing Naloxone), tied to an amendment I have worked on to better protect individuals.

I have had emails with Senate colleagues, to request that House Bills I prime sponsored which have passed the House move forward in the Senate.

I have had some emails regarding the revised flood plains that affect the property of several families in the district. We are working to arrange a second meeting, in Newark, to address outstanding questions. I have had some emails (and a meeting) with a resident who is having a conflict with a neighbor, a conflict which has involved the Newark Police in the past. I have had some emails related to a resident’s concerns with the remediation of hazardous material from the UD’s Rodney dorm complex. I had some emails regarding complaints about the Medical Marijuana compassion center in New Castle County. I have had emails to arrange a tour of the VA Hospital in Newport this summer.