2017 Update—March 18th to 31st

On Saturday the 18th Pam and I helped with parking for Beau Biden Foundation Trail Run (and I ‘ran’ the 5k course through snow and ice. Sunday the 19th I attended the Unity Rally at the Jewish Community Center. On Monday I hosted a regular breakfast for those who work to address the homeless issues in the greater Newark area. That evening I attended the annual dinner for the New Castle Chamber of Commerce. On Tuesday I attended a manufacturing conference at DelTech’s Terry Campus, then attended the Kids Caucus, both before legislative session. On Wednesday the 22nd I attended Senator Sokola’s monthly coffee at the Drip Café, then joined him and others at Downes Elementary School for their Spread the Word to End the Word event with the Special Olympics. In Dover I attended a meeting to learn more about the school-based health centers. That evening back in Newark I attended a public meeting hosted by the Newark Housing Authority. On Thursday the 23rd I attended and spoke at a forum at UD’s Clayton Hall for those teaching Computer Science in our schools. In Dover I attended the budget presentation by the Governor and his team. On Friday I taped two segments on the Comcast Newsmakers program, including one on the UD Board of Trustees and its need for greater transparency.

On Tuesday the 28th I drove to Dover to address the annual Library conference, then onto Milford for the announcement by the state housing authority of an expanded home repair program, with a special emphasis on owners of manufactured homes on leased land. Back in Dover, before session, I met again with library advocates, and also with those involved in adult education, and then with a small group to brainstorm on HB 80 (auto insurance). On Wednesday I attended a reception with Delaware’s BioScience community before session. On Thursday the 30th I participated in the press conference for House Bill 110, the Delaware Marijuana Control Act.


There were emails about my legislation—HB 34 (Ada Leigh Soles scholarship), HB 44 (improving tracking who owns manufactured homes within communities), HB 61 (adding Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity to charity write-offs on DE tax returns), HB 75 (improving the Freedom of Information Act), and HB 94 (Delaware library consortium bill). There were also several emails regarding as-yet-unfiled legislation, to permit direct shipment of wine to Delaware residents, to reform our Earned Income Tax Credit system, to permit medical aid-in-dying, and on data privacy improvements.

There were many emails about existing legislation, including HB 13 (banning breed specific legislation), HB 80 (auto insurance), HB 110 (Delaware Marijuana Control Act), HB 100 (supporting those seeking insurance coverage for treatment for substance abuse), HB 35 (massage parlors), potential legislation (national popular vote, assistant physician licensure, taxing carbon emissions, same day voter registration, civil asset forfeiture, death penalty reinstatement, gun violence prevention, and on multi-state nursing licensure.

I helped to lead efforts to declare Rare Disease Day in Delaware (HCR 13), and to proclaim Colo-Rectal Cancer Awareness Month.

I had emails about a wide range of topics, Sanctuary Status in schools, human trafficking awareness, setting up an education town hall in Newark on May 22nd, tenants at Fairfield Shopping Center, graffiti in Newark public parks, potholes on a city street, school board members’ terms and recall process, and the sale of most of the Stine-Haskell facility from DuPont to FMC.

I had emails regarding two Community Transportation Fund projects, one on a drainage problem and one for Aetna fire company. I addressed a resident’s concern with an erroneous Massachusetts EZPass bill.