2017 Update—March 4th to 17th

On Saturday the 4th I attended DSEA’s Read Across America event at the Christiana Mall and read Green Eggs and Ham (I don’t know about the children, but I had a great time), then attended the award ceremony for a local Eagle Scout recipient. That evening Pam and I attended the annual fundraising gala for DelTech. On Monday the 6th I attended the beginning of the public meeting at the Newark Senior Center to explore the issues and concerns around the Cleveland Avenue traffic recommendations, including the proposed Florida-T intersection. On Wednesday the 8th I attended an ACLU fundraiser at the BBC Tavern in Greenville. On Thursday the 9th I attended a meeting to help plan an event in May to honor the history surrounding the African American school which has since become the George Wilson Center. On Friday the 10th I participated in a panel discussion sponsored by AARP on in-home health care. 

On Monday the 13th I attended the announcement of the Strong Neighborhoods Housing Fund Announcement at the William “Hicks” Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, and afterwards joined a meeting at the Jewish Community Center with Governor Carney, to learn more about the recent bomb threats and the actions that the JCC and the state (and FBI) have been taking. On Tuesday the 14th (during the snow/sleet storm) I led a conference call on the direct shipment of wine topic. On the 15th we (finally) headed back to Dover for legislative session. I attended four committee hearings, including three in which I had a bill considered and released. On the 16th in Dover I joined the small business caucus, at which we learned more about Delaware’s credit unions, addressed the participants of Cannabis Lobby Day. I co-sponsored a Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month proclamation, and met with many members of Delaware’s Sikh community in the Governor’s office beforehand. That evening I attended the showing of the human trafficking film Sold at the Everett Theatre in Middletown. On Friday I joined a breakfast to explore public education policy.


There has been many emails related to imminent and existing legislation, including bills on open government (FOIA, campaign finance disclosure), medical aid-in-dying, librarians, direct shipment of wine, enrollment methods for public schools, earned income tax credit, manufactured housing, auto insurance pricing, medical marijuana, reducing gun violence, interest rates on installment loans, voter registration, and election dates.

I have had emails regarding City of Newark issues (parking, the Rodney Dorm purchase, the Cleveland Avenue traffic recommendations, and car breakins.

There have been continued emails related to requests for Community Transportation Funds, including one for a drainage problem, and one for an ATV purchase for Aetna fire company.

I have had emails regarding constituent concerns with government in a few areas, including SEU, school district consolidation, conditions in our prisons, retaining state support for private Catholic schools’ nurses and drivers ed programs, the Indian-American Cultural and Heritage Commission, obtaining tributes for special events for Newark businesses and individuals, federal funding of Planned Parenthood, Christina School District, and drivers license policy versus drivers age.

I have responded to several emails related to HB13, prohibiting municipal regulations that discriminate based on dog breeds.