2017 Update—January 23rd to February 5th

On Monday the 23rd I attended the final meeting of the Wrestling Task Force, adopting a final recommendation to be shared with the University of Delaware and the General Assembly. The Legislature was in session for Tuesday through Thursday. On Tuesday I attended mid-day receptions with the United Way and with the Restaurant Association. That evening I attended a public meeting regarding Delaware’s successful Medical Marijuana program, and then I attended a community meeting for Nonantum Mills and Chapel Woods. On Wednesday the 25th before session I attended the LIFE Conference related to those with disabilities, and afterwards met with home nurses concerned with reimbursement policies. On Thursday before session I attended a reception with the Epilepsy society, and afterwards had a meeting on public school funding. On Saturday morning I served on a well-attended panel on successful advocacy.

On Monday the 30th I had a meeting in Dover on a proposed state employee benefit, and that evening I attended an Interfaith Gathering at the Islamic Society of Delaware’s mosque, at which many faith leaders spoke, as did US Senator Chris Coons and Governor John Carney. On Wednesday the 1st I hosted my monthly coffee at Caffe’ Gelato, and drove to Dover for a rally organized by the Delaware Civil Rights Coalition, at which I and others spoke against the President’s anti-immigration executive order, which has since been halted by a federal judge. On Thursday I spoke on WDEL’s Allan Loudell radio show, both about the Smyrna Prison tragedy, and on the joint letter that Delaware legislators sent to the President, again, regarding the Executive Order. Later on Thursday I met with members of the city staff and the Newark Chapter of the NAACP and with Senator Sokola, to help plan the collection and display of historical information regarding the New London Avenue School, now known as the George Wilson Center. I met with a state judge to discuss many legislative matters on Friday morning, and met with a Newark city council member afterwards, to discuss many community matters. I door knocked for a candidate running in the 10th Senate District special election all day on Saturday.


I introduced four bills in January. One was a resolution recognizing January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. The other three are bills which I had introduced last year but which did not become law. One expands the pool of people who may apply for a ‘librarian scholarship,’ named after Ada Leigh Soles. One makes a small change to manufactured housing law, requiring that community owners ensure that they have a copy of the home title when they complete leases. The final bill adds Habitat for Humanity and the Delaware Food Bank as charities which qualify for the program under which Delaware income taxpayers may choose to direct some of their refunds to specific charities. Like most of my colleagues, I am holding off on ‘substantial’ legislation until after the February 25th special election, when we know which political party will hold the majority in the Delaware State Senate.


I have had several emails related to the Smyrna prison tragedy.

I had several emails organizing the joint letter, signed by a majority of State Senators and Representatives, asking President Trump to rescind his anti-immigration Executive Order. I have had some emails related to sanctuary state/sanctuary city policy, and about the President’s cabinet secretary nominations.

I had some emails on a proposal for a constitutional convention of the states. I have had emails related to the proposed change to the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Kirkwood Highway (Florida-T). I have worked successfully with New Castle County to ensure that a charity trail run can utilize trails in the Middle Run Valley county park. I helped a constituent obtain a Governor’s Proclamation honoring Charles Darwin. I followed up on a report that a Newark resident was harassed due to their race. I have been corresponding with a constituent related to the City of Newark’s annexation policy, about LARCs (Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives), about the process to request that the Delaware pension board divest itself of the company that backs the Keystone XL pipeline, and about RadioNewark’s attempts to get a transmission pole installed on the UD STAR campus by their deadline this week.

I have had emails related to three issues tied to Aetna fire company, including funding a ATV to assist them when there are events removed from roads (including at our city, county, and state parks), and including reimbursement by Delaware Medicaid for ambulance runs.

I have had emails related to current legislation, including one on massage parlor regulation. I have had emails related to the state’s budget crisis, including a possible (likely?) change to the amount of the realty transfer tax that is given to cities and counties.

I have had emails related to likely upcoming legislation on a variety of topics—direct shipment of wine to Delaware residents, improving internet data security/privacy, medical aid-in-dying, home health care funding and reimbursement policy, school funding, medical marijuana program enhancements, recreational marijuana legalization/regulation/taxation, and adding needed enhancements to Delaware’s FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) statute.