2016 Update—March 28th to April 9th

We have been on a legislative break these past two weeks. While I have been working very hard on ‘my other day job,’ during this time I have also been busy on legislative responsibilities. On Monday the 28th I attended events sponsored by the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence, including a meeting with former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. After donating blood, on Tuesday the 29th I met with members of the hospice community, to discuss adjustments to the Physician Aid in Dying legislation I have introduced. On Wednesday evening I participated in a fashion show which benefits a scholarship fund that supports college students from Wilmington. I had lunch on Thursday with one of Senator Carper’s staff members, had a phone call to discuss the Earned Income Tax Credit with a member of a community organization which serves low income clients, and I attended the graduation at the Hope Commission, which assists men in successfully transitioning from the prison system to the community. On Saturday I attended a community coffee held by Jen Wallace, who is running for Newark City Council.

On Sunday the 3rd I attended the annual meeting of the Friends of the Newark Free Library. On Monday morning I met with advocates for the White Clay Creek State Park, who are promoting a project to honor Dorothy Miller. That evening I attended the public meeting at which the Division of Parks presented several imminent decisions affecting the Tri Valley Trail (width, material, parking lot number and location, and the actual route for the trail past the (previously known at) Big Pond). After that meeting, I attended the monthly meeting of the 23rd RD Democratic Committee, which is organizing this Friday’s spaghetti dinner and auction. https://www.facebook.com/events/544588835720159/

On Tuesday the 5th I met with staff from the Department of Public Health, to discuss the medical marijuana program and the midwifery program. On Wednesday morning I hosted my monthly coffee with constituents at Caffe’ Gelato. That afternoon I drove to Dover, to participate in the press conference on SB 222, the civil asset forfeiture bill, and afterwards met with staff from the state housing authority, to discuss housing priorities and manufactured housing concerns. On Friday morning the 8th I met with Newark mayor Polly Sierer to discuss common concerns. On Saturday morning I drove to Dover to address and interact with the Youth in Government conference, and Saturday evening Pam and I attended the dinner dance at the Newark Senior Center, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the senior center.


During these two weeks, I have had emails on my legislative initiatives (physician aid in dying, the earned income tax credit, a prior authorization by health insurance companies, midwifery, medical marijuana, school board/referenda reform, dental hygienist practice, civil asset forfeiture, manufactured housing, and campaign finance).

I have had emails about other legislation (minimum wage, project labor agreements, community HOAs ability to assess liens on unpaid dues). I have had emails about the Financial Literacy Task Force on which I serve. I have had emails related to working with Senator Sokola and the City of Newark to repave roads in need.

There have been emails regarding the Newark Country Club, the White Clay Creek State Park, the open space and farmland preservation programs, the animal welfare program, the DE solid waste authority’s hazardous waste amnesty program, the CSX construction next week at railroad crossings in Newark, regular flooding along Wedgewood Road, traffic concerns at the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Library Avenue, and bridges behind Christianstead in need of repair.

There have been emails about how Delmarva Power can better support its customers during hard times, about whether there should be improved disclosure when residents authorize a lien on their homes by signing contracts with solar panel firms