2016 Update—April 10th to May 8th

On Sunday the 10th I attended a DE National Guard welcome home/departure ceremony. On the 11th I joined the Sandy 26 bike ride into Newark to advocate for safer gun laws, and spoke at their press conference. I had lunch with the Governor and several colleagues, and that evening I attended and addressed a volunteer recognition event at the Newark Free Library. That week was a legislative week. Before session on Tuesday the 12th I participated in a meeting of the Delaware Financial Literacy task force, and attended a press conference on Equal Pay Day. That evening I attended a film viewing at Newark Charter High School and also Congressional candidate forum at the UD’s Mitchell Hall. On Thursday the 14th I attended the kids caucus, and attended an event after session with Autism Delaware. On Friday I taped two segments with Comcast Newsmakers, and helped with the annual fundraiser for the 23rd RD Democratic Committee. On Saturday the 16th I attended and spoke at the opening of Senator Bryan Townsend’s Newark office for his Congressional campaign.

On Monday the 18th I attended an event hosted by DNREC on the extensive project at the old NVF site in Yorklyn. This week was also a legislative week. On Wednesday morning I participated in a conference call planning for a medical marijuana modification bill I am working on. Before session on the 20th I also attended a meeting of the Continuity of Care group which helps plan the state’s services for those seeking shelter. After session on Thursday I attended and spoke to a meeting of the Medical Society of Delaware. I was on vacation the following week.

This week was a legislative week. On Wednesday the 4th I hosted my monthly coffee at Caffe’ Gelato, attended another meeting of the Financial Literacy task force before session. On Thursday before session I met with students from several charter schools, including Newark Charter High School and Providence Creek Academy, and afterwards I attended a bill signing at the Walkable/Bikeable Delaware Summit. On Saturday I attended the 125th annual graduation ceremony at Delaware State University, and in the evening I attended the annual Delaware Gridiron Dinner.

Legislative Summary

On April 13th I introduced HB 315 (midwifery), and my EITC bill (HB 253) was assigned to the House Appropriations Committee. On April 19th I introduced HB 333 (school board terms). On the 20th HB 315 (midwifery) was released by committee, as was HCR 47 (renewable means renewable).

On the 21st the House passed HB 217, which calls on the Wilmington Police Department to follow recommendations to improve its ‘firearms investigative and intelligence tools and ballistics technology.’ We also passed HB 325, which improves the background check requirement before someone may purchase a firearm in Delaware. We also passed HB 1, which improves the reporting of sexual assaults at institutions of higher education.

On May 3rd the House passed SB 130 which permits Compete Community Enterprise Districts—this law was signed on Thursday the 5th. On Wednesday the 4th the House Education Committee tabled HB 161 (use of public school dollars for private schools); I testified that the bill violates our state constitution. The same committee did not release HB 333, my bill to reduce terms for school board members. On the 5th I introduced HB 370, which provides a notice to a merit employee who is about to accept an appointed position in which he/she would lose significant protections earned through years of service in the merit system.


During these four weeks, I have had emails on my legislative initiatives (HCR 47 renewable means renewable, HB 150 physician aid in dying, HB 253 earned income tax credit reform, HB 315 midwifery statute cleanup, medical marijuana, HB 333 school board terms, HB 348 scholarship for those pursuing professional librarian/archivist degrees, HB 370 county appointments taking people from the merit system with its protections, prior authorization changes for insurance coverage, and manufactured housing statute revisions).

There have been emails about legislation from colleagues, including HB 375 (moving primary from September to April), HB 346 (cosmetology/hair braiding), HB 325 (background checks for firearm purchases), HB 289 (deer hunting on certain Sundays), HB 283 (construction jobs), HB 165 (paid parental leave), the budget (health care premium increases), SB 92/93 (autism).

I have worked by email with students from Newark Charter High School on a project to address jaywalking. I worked with the Division of Professional Regulations to ensure that the proposed midwifery regulations would be posted this month.

Tied in with DelDOT, I have emailed on drainage concerns (Estates at Corner Ketch, Wedgewood Road). I have had emails about traffic signals (Library Avenue at Cleveland Avenue). I have had emails about proposed changes to DART service in Newark, curb work at Chapel Woods, and turn lane paving requirements for the Newark Charter High School.

I have had emails about the proposed Tri Valley Trail through the White Clay Creek State Park. I wrote one letter to DNREC about the decisions that they are considering, and I led efforts to issue a joint letter with several colleagues to DNREC regarding trail width.

I have emailed (and had meetings) on the city of Newark’s administrative warrants proposal.

I have emailed regarding finding a consensus approach for HB 254, and how HOAs can place liens for unpaid assessments.

I have had emails about the open space/farmland preservation programs, especially as they may relate to the Newark Country Club.

I have had emails about constituent concerns on a wide range of topics, including foxes in backyards, math classes at DelTech, proclamations for organizations celebrating milestones, proper oversight of the DE Association of Professional Engineers, solar panels on a home in the city of Newark, a paving request of a private road, bridges over creeks near Christianstead, and apprenticeship programs for construction work in New Castle County.