2015 Update—October 10th to 25th

On Monday the 12th I had a conference call regarding the Newark Country Club, and that afternoon I had a meeting regarding Delaware’s renewable energy program. That evening I attended a portion of the meeting of the Newark City Council. On Tuesday I had a meeting at Panera with two residents and two employees from DHSS, to explore concerns over the operations of local shelters which serve those with addiction problems, and that afternoon I attended a meeting in Wilmington to explore best directions for policy geared at reducing Delaware’s homelessness problem. On Wednesday the 14th I had a meeting on the proposed Wilmington/Delaware Port project, and afterwards attended the meeting of the port expansion task force. On Thursday the 15th I had a call regarding the Delaware Health Care Commission’s consideration of establishing an End of Life Advisory Council. That evening I drove to Dover to attend a House Democratic caucus meeting. On Friday evening I attended a fundraiser for State Representative Bryon Short. On Saturday I met at the Bear Library with two owners of manufactured homes who are having difficulties with their community owner’s compliance with the rent justification law we passed in 2013.

On Monday the 19th I had a meeting regarding the Newark County Club. On Tuesday I attended the Continuum of Care Meeting of stakeholders serving that who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless.

Email Update

I have had many, many emails in the past two weeks. Some dealt with DelDOT, repaving some community streets, addressing potholes and drainage issues, repaving major thoroughfares (Elkton and Christina Parkway’s repair project begins TODAY!), and the plans for parking for the upgraded Newark Train Station. I have also worked with DART to learn about and share information about a proposal to reduce the number of daily buses serving their route through Fairfield, due to extremely low ridership. I have raised the need for a No-U Turns sign on Library Avenue at Cleveland Avenue with DelDOT and the City of Newark Traffic Committee, which will consider the recommendation at their November meeting.

I have raised with DelDOT and the City of Newark the insufficient protections in place at the CSX bridge over Chapel Street, given the recent rash of accidents there. The next step will be the gathering of data to identify the extent of the problem, which is necessary to identify the scope of the ‘solution.’.

I have worked with DNREC, fielding a question that a resident had regarding the bidding process for a contract at Lums Pond. I have been working with DNREC to ensure that the Tri-Valley Trail project becomes un-stalled. I have also explored with DelDOT and DNREC the process for ‘vacating’ DelDOT roads which are located within state parks from DelDOT to DNREC.

I have worked with legislative colleagues on proposed legislation. One deals with changes to our school boards and districts and referenda. One deals with limiting plastic bags at grocery (and other) stores. Another deals with the proper level of tobacco taxation.

I have been working with a legislative colleague to explore best ideas for proper direction of the remaining settlement money (which we used in poor fashion on June 30th).

In addition to meetings noted above, I have had many emails related to the Newark Country Club, and a few on the Newark Cinema, and the Fairfield Superfresh

I have worked with a colleague in the Maryland State Senate, to learn about the effectiveness of their state End of Life Advisory Council, including a discussion with a staff member of their Attorney General’s office.

I have had many emails and other communications regarding worrisome issues at the Delaware MET school, at the urging of a friend whose child attends the school.