2015 Update—August 2nd to 14th

On the 2nd and 3rd I attended a mini-conference in Seattle of state legislators committed to reducing gun violence in our states. On late Tuesday (after flying home), I joined the National Nite Out event on Main Street, a national movement to bring attention to reducing crime in our communities. Aetna Hose, Hook, and Ladder Company, the University police and the Newark Police Department did a great job offering entertaining and educational exhibits. I hosted my monthly coffee at Panera on Wednesday the 5th, and that afternoon I went to Dover for the DESS educational council. On Friday the 7th in the morning I hosted a meeting at Panera for those involved in serving our homeless population in the greater Newark area. We are in the early stages of organizing a summit in early February to provide best practices and to network. On Sunday the 9th I door knocked in the Unami Trail community, asking residents for “comments, concerns, complaints.”

On Monday the 10th I met with leaders from Montessori Works, a non-profit designed to bring Montessori education offerings to Delaware’s public schools. That afternoon I met with members of city and state government to discuss traffic trouble spots in downtown Newark. Afterwards I attended a meeting to explore manufactured housing problems in northern New Castle County. That evening I stopped by the Newark City Council meeting (at which the proposal to change the zoning of the Newark Country Club was discussed), and afterwards I attended a meeting of the Friends of Christina School District.

On Tuesday I stopped by the morning monthly coffee for Representative Mike Ramone—he has a very lively group! That afternoon I attended a very good meeting with advisors to our three members of Congress, to discuss the upcoming replacement to the No Child Left Behind education law. After this I attended a bill signing for two animal welfare bills. That evening I attended the monthly meeting of the board of Christina School District. On Wednesday morning I visited Bloom Energy, to learn of their advancements and plans. I had lunch with a friend who is helping me better understand the early plans to expand the port in Wilmington. On Friday night I attended a fundraiser for the campaign of David Bentz, who is running in the special election on September 12th, to serve as State Representative in the 14th Rep District.

Email Update

I have had several emails regarding the current search for the next UD President. Others deal with the paving of a ‘TREK Track’ behind Downes Elementary School. Some deal with the proposed city zoning change to the Newark Country Club. While I was unable to attend, I prepared a statement that my aide read at the ribbon cutting for the Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen. I have had emails regarding a small sink-hole in a road at the Estates at Corner Ketch community.

For residents, I have forwarded questions regarding a student switching schools, the premature termination of a summer school program, an LED lighting funding program, fencing and proper caring for pit bills living in communities, aid-in-dying legislation

I have had many emails regarding the Christina School District, given its current challenges.

I have been reviewing the recently released preliminary plan from DelDOT for the road projects for the coming years. I asked that they include the route 95/896 interchange, which backs up badly each afternoon, in their planning.

I have prepared an email alert to go out regarding two upcoming meetings—one on the 19th to learn more about the CVS/Whiteman’s Garage application, and one on the 24th to learn about the proposed DelDOT road program for the next six years.