2015 Update—April 18th to May 2nd

On Saturday the 18th I attended NCCL’s Green Fest, which many groups exhibiting very interesting pro-environmental approaches.  On Tuesday the 21st after legislative session I attended the 2015 Governor’s Youth Volunteer Service Awards dinner.  I was very pleased that several students from the Newark area were recognized, and Newark High School itself was recognized for its volunteer work.  On April 22nd (Earth Day), before session I discussed a program to bring gardens to our elementary schools.  After session I attended the annual Engineers Without Borders—UD Chapter meeting at the Newark Country Club.  On Thursday I attended the Kids Caucus before session.  On Friday the 24th at 8am I met with several members of DelDOT to learn of their imminent improvements to Library Avenue between Main Street and Cleveland Avenue.

On Monday the 27th I toured the Fraunhofer research and manufacturing site in Newark, and then attended a luncheon at the Newark brand of Planned Parenthood.  On Tuesday the 28th I attended a legislative lunch sponsored by UD, at which I learned more about the center for disabilities studies, and the BADER Consortium on the STAR Campus, which is part of the Wounded Warrior Project.  I also met with two individuals to discuss manufactured housing matters.  After session I attended a function held by the Organization of Adult Alumni and Students in Service, and attended the quarterly meeting of the White Clay Creek Advisory Council, at which I reported on several developments in which I have been lending a hand.  On Wednesday the 29th I attended an elected official breakfast hosted by parents promoting the May 27th referendum for the students in the Christina School District (see http://csdweallwin.org/ and http://csdweallwin.org/faq/).  On Thursday the 30th I stopped by three functions prior to the legislative session, including a lunch hosted by the American Lung Association and American Cancer Society, where I was presented with a tribute for my role in bringing hands-on CPR training to our public high schools.  On Friday I attended a portion of the revenues subcommittee of the Delaware Economic Forecasting Advisory Council (DEFAC), which is exploring revenue-neutral ways to improve the stability of our state revenues, and to develop a framework to aid policy makers in future changes to our revenue streams.  On Saturday I attended the 1st annual NewBark PawLooza pet event at Handloff Park, the annual Presbyterian Women Spring Luncheon Fundraiser at the 1st Presbyterian Church on Nottingham Road, Creek Fest at the White Clay Creek State Park, the Grass Roots Spring Market, and yesterday evening I attended the 24th annual Gridiron Dinner and Show, which was really funny (even at my expense).

On Wednesday the 22nd the House Education Committee released House Bill 50, the opt-out bill.  I spoke in favor of the bill’s release.  The committee also released HB 100, which temporarily raises the tax rate in Sussex County to support Sussex Tech, until the school is able to reduce its enrollment.  On Thursday the 23rd I introduced and the House passed House Concurrent Resolution 21, to add a board member to the White Clay Creek Advisory Council from the group Omnia Humanitas.

On Tuesday the 28th I filed House Concurrent Resolution 23, to commend the AAUP, American Association of University Professors, on their 100th anniversary, and it was passed by the House and the Senate.  Also on Tuesday I introduced House Bill 120, to establish a Delaware Commission on Indian Heritage and Culture.  On Wednesday the House Judiciary Committee released HB 75, to help people expunge their record of a juvenile crime.  The Veterans Affairs committee released HB 88, to provide preferences in the state merit system to those who have served in the Guard or the Reserve for 20+ years.  The House Administration Committee released HB 105, to improve the system for granting absentee voting in Delaware.  The House Economic Development committee released HB 109, to forbid most employers from mandating visibility to employee’s social media accounts.  The House Education Committee released SB 33, which affects the IEP process.  I spoke at this bill’s hearing, raising two concerns and potential improvements to the bill.  On Thursday the Senate passed HCR 21 (for the White Clay Creek Advisory Council).  The House passed HB 3 to require that employers with contracts with Delaware must pay equal for equal work, regardless to gender, and HB 81 to improve the sharing of information on educational institution’s Title IX coordinator (who is responsible for reports of sexual assaults), and HB 88 (mentioned earlier).