2014 Update—May 4th to 27th

On the 5th I met with both labor and contractors to discuss prevailing wage legislation.  That day I also met with US Representative John Carney to discuss national legislation and regulations for brokers and investment advisors, and later I attended the 23rd RD Democratic Committee.  On the 6th I met with the American Council of Engineering Companies of Delaware.  I hosted my monthly coffee on the 7th at Panera, caught pieces of three groups’ luncheons, and met with representatives of the Delaware refinery to discuss questions a friend raised.  That evening I attended a reception by the ABC (building contractors) and then the monthly meeting of PDD, the Progressive Democrats for Delaware.  On Thursday the 8th I attended the Kids Caucus, a meeting regarding adding physical CPR training in our high schools, and in the evening (after session) I attended the seminar on Death with Dignity at the University of Delaware (I co-hosted this session with the UD’s philosophy department).  I shadowed the principal at Maclary Elementary and the principal at Downes Elementary on Friday the 9th.

I attended the graduation ceremonies at Delaware State University on Sunday the 11th, met with representatives from the Delaware Nursing Association and attended the 60th anniversary celebration of the ARC of Delaware on Wednesday the 14th.  I was on vacation from the 15th to 21st.  On the 22nd I taped two interviews with the Comcast Newsmakers program.  My aide Sean Dwyer has attended multiple events when I am unable to attend myself.  He has been doing a great job of passing on concerns, complaints, and questions to me from these meetings.

We had two weeks of legislative session.  On the 6th we passed three House Concurrent Resolutions.  The Senate passed House Bill 229, my bill to provide conditional drivers licenses to those who need it for education, job training, or to assist family members with medical needs.  The Senate also passed Senate Bill 197 (which I am co-sponsoring), which defines human trafficking as a crime in Delaware.  On the 7th the Senate passed the Downtown Development Districts Act, and 3 other bills.  The Economic Development Committee, on which I serve, released HB 299, which permits the dispensing of beer and wine in movie theaters—I am a cosponsor.  The House Administration Committee released three good government bills, all dealing with the PIC, Public Integrity Commission.  One is HB 307, which I am prime-sponsoring.  The Housing Committee, on which I serve, released HB 297, which clarifies when dogs may be impounded due to dangerous actions.  On the 8th the Senate passed several bills, including two campaign finance reform bills (HB 208 and HB 209), and passed Senate Bill 209 (which I am cosponsoring), which directs the state Board of Education to create regulations tied to the impact that newly applying charter schools are expected to have on surrounding traditional public schools.

On the 13th the Senate passed several bills, including HB 256 (which I am cosponsoring) which makes selling e-cigarettes to minors a crime.  The House passed seven bills, including SB 118, the ‘interchangeable biological products’ bill which is designed to improve the pricing and availability of ‘biologic’ prescription medicine.  On the 14th the Senate passed several bills, including SB 118.  Also on the 14th the Senate released my manufactured housing bill, HB 106, from committee, and it released SB 223 (which I am cosponsoring), a bill to direct the Governor to name a replacement Lieutenant Governor (from the same political party as the prior Lieutenant Governor), should the Lieutenant Governor vacate their office.  The Housing committee, on which I serve, released SB 191, the Downtown Development Districts Act.  On the 15th several bills were passed by the House, including several FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) bills, which I am cosponsoring, also HB 308 which establishes an Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman, and SB 191 (Downtown Development Districts).

My emails for the past 3 weeks have run the gamut, including on the bills and events mentioned above.  There was a lot of work on HB 319, the midwifery reform bill.  Others relate to stormwater management, the data center/power plant proposed for UD’s STAR campus, the casino study commission’s work, HB 286 (which involves the state in the collection of bad debts, a bill which I oppose), changing the liability for surveyors (I am dissatisfied with the current bill), changing the ability of auctioneers to broker real estate deals (HB 285, I am also dissatisfied with this current bill), I provided my input to the Joint Sunset Review Committee on the CMPB (Cash Management Policy Board), followup on issues raised as I have been knocking on doors in the district and at the monthly coffee, I am working on setting up a second coffee-table discussion on gun rights, preparing for the release from Senate committee of my HB 137 (pension choice parity bill), the signing of my HB 167 (conditional drivers license), work on HB 234 (another manufactured housing bill), the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program, reporting potholes.

Remember that my next morning coffee is on June 4th from 7:30-9am at Panera on Main Street.