2014 Update—July 7th to 19th

On Tuesday the 8th I attended a wrap-up session with the home-birth midwife advocates in Marydel.  On Wednesday the 9th I attended the signing of four bills which help ex-offenders better transition into our communities.  This includes SB 217, the bill which ends the automatic loss of drivers license for those with minor drug offenses.  SB 217 takes a bigger swipe at the problem that my bill, HB 229, which permits those who had lost their license for that reason to apply for a conditional license to pursue school, job training, and to aid their family.  On the 10th in the morning I met with a UD instructor and two members of the Governor’s administration to discuss bringing computer science into our public high schools.  Later that day I visited the Hockessin Girl Scout camp, and then went to the Riverfront for the annual social event for the Progressive Democrats for Delaware.

On Tuesday the 15th I attended the signing of a bill which helps Delaware small businesses, by doubling the amount of the R&D tax credit, and then attended a ribbon cutting for Sovereign Air, a 3D printing company in downtown Newark.  On the 16th I attended an Iftar dinner with the American Turkish Friendship Association, on Possum Park Road.  On the 17th I had breakfast with Newark mayor Polly Sierer, and that evening met with the FOCSD, Friends of the Christina School District, with two other legislators and with two school board members.

In the past two weeks, my emails have covered a wide range of topics.  I have worked on traffic and pothole issues, worked with Senator Sokola and the City of Newark on pooling our dollars to fund necessary road repairs in the city, and I am working on what roads outside the city but inside the district most need repair.  I have worked with midwifery reform advocates to plan our next steps.  I have been following up on many issues which residents have raised during my door knocking.  I have been working with the Council of State Governments on their Eastern Leadership Academy, the program I attended last year and in which I was elected Class President, on reviewing this year’s applicants.

I have been busy knocking on doors in the district.  In the past two weeks I have been in Bristol Knoll, Evergreen, Fairfield Crest, and Fairfield.  On July 8th we learned that there will be no primary election for our district.  While we are pleased with that 1) we recognize that the other parties can place a candidate on the ballot as late as September 1st, and 2) knocking on doors in the district enable me to be better informed on matters that matter to you.  In the coming weeks I expect to finish Fairfield, then cover Christianstead and West Branch  I expect to be ‘south of Nottingham Road’ for most of August.