2014 Update—April 13th to May 3rd

I attended a homecoming ceremony for the Delaware National Guard at the Delaware State University stadium on April 13th.  Jill Biden was a featured speaker.  On the 15th I met the mayor at one morning meeting, and the governor at a second one.  My third morning meeting was with city staff to learn about their proposed stormwater management plan.  On Wednesday the 16th I met with Sean Dwyer, my new legislative aide (sean.dwyer@state.de.us), I was interviewed by the editor of Our Independence, a newspaper by The Addictions Coalition, and I attended a charter-district collaboration task force meeting.  On the 17th I met with an area authority on stormwater issues to discuss the state’s stormwater plans, and attended the public meeting at Aetna Fire Hall on rail safety.  On Friday the 18th I was interviewed on two topics by the Comcast Newsmakers program.

I was on vacation with Pam from the 21st to 28th.

On the 29th I met with SEIU regarding low-wage restaurants, and joined the rally for independent redistricting (Senate Bill 48, which I prime-sponsored).  On Wednesday I presented SB 48 to the House Administration Committee, which voted to table the bill.  I attended a reception that evening hosted by the Council for State Governments (CSG).  Also on Wednesday, many midwives and midwife advocates came to Dover to speak with legislators, obtaining support for the midwife bill.  On Thursday the 1st I met with members of CSG to discuss 2014 and 2015 plans, attended a reception by the Green Building Council, and part of the Walkable Bikeable Delaware Summit.  After session I attended the annual fundraising dinner for Engineers Without Borders—University of Delaware chapter.  On the 2nd I attended the annual Delaware Career Association’s annual awards luncheon in Dover, met with contractors to discuss prevailing wages, and spoke with consumer advocates regarding a debt collection bill.  On Saturday May 3rd I walked in the MS Society’s Newark Walk (with the Wheelers Wobblers team) for the second year, and then door knocked all afternoon in the 7th election district:  Deer Run, Hunt at Louviers, Jenny’s Run, Middle Run Meadows, Pine Meadow, Possum Park Woods, and Wyncliffe.

We had legislative session in Dover on the 29th to 1st.  On the 29th we passed four bills, including one that provides all schools the ability to apply for a waiver from the standardized DPAS-II evaluation under certain circumstances.  On the 30th my House Manufactured Housing committee released HB 234, which cleans up some of the rough edges from last year’s rent justification law.  As I mentioned, SB48, the redistricting reform bill failed to clear the House Administration committee.  On Thursday the 1st we passed nine bills, including on that deters the intimidation of witnesses, and one that permits drivers to use an electronic (on your phone) proof of insurance, in case you don’t have your insurance card with you.  I also introduced HB 319, the midwifery reform bill.

I simply have too many emails over the past 3 weeks to cover.  There are ones dealing with specific legislation, some on task forces, some on meetings, the May 8th forum on death with dignity, potholes, flooding, etc.