Labor and Unions: Backbone of Working Class

FOR RELEASE Sunday September 2, 2012

(Newark) “Labor and unions remain the backbone of the working class in our state and region,” says Paul Baumbach.

The Democratic Party-endorsed candidate for 23rd District State Representative, Baumbach says the best hope for restoring middle class prosperity are good paying jobs with living wages and expanded health care. He noted, “The Labor Movement is the reason we have achieved so many gains for workers, from the eight hour work day to on-the-job safety regulations and worker protections, gains that we too often take for granted.”

Baumbach continued, “On this Labor Day we must celebrate the accomplishments of organized labor. We must also work harder to ensure that whenever we gather to find economic and employment solutions, labor has a prominent place at the table.”

Baumbach has supported raising the minimum wage, and making certain that state subsidies to new businesses are tied to dependable assurances that those jobs stay in the state, and provide opportunities for state workers.

Ending his Labor Day message, Baumbach said, “I’m proud and committed to stand in partnership with union workers today and everyday.”

Contact: Paul Baumbach (302)562-4546