Coffee Talk at Panera Bread

The Democratic Party-endorsed candidate for 23rd District State Representative, has launched a new residents outreach program called “COFFEE TALK.” Paul Baumbach says he’ll meet with district residents on Wednesday September 5th from 7:30 to 8:30am at Panera Bread, 140 East Main Street,Newark to hear their legislative concerns. In announcing the initial meeting, Baumbach said, “If I’m elected, I want to continue a regular monthly coffee meeting with neighbors to get their continuing input on Legislative activity.” Baumbach said the “Coffee Talk” idea is designed to provide a “more relaxed and informal forum for myself and district voters to talk issues and get to know each other better.” He said the September 5th meeting at Panera would serve as a model for the future. Baumbach noted, “Some great ideas have been launched over a cup of coffee.” According to a Baumbach spokesperson, a free cup of coffee will be given to anyone attending “Coffee Talk”, courtesy of the Committee to Elect Baumbach.

Contact: Paul Baumbach 302-562-4546