Baumbach Supports Establishing Legislative Redistricting Commission


(Newark) Paul Baumbach, the Democratic Party endorsed candidate for State Representative in the 23rd District, says he supports establishing a Legislative Redistricting Commission.

Noting that such a bill passed the Delaware Senate last session, but did not get out of the House Administration Committee Baumbach said that, “while far from perfect, SB235’s Commission would have improved the transparency of Delaware’s redistricting process.”

Baumbach said, “I would support a new effort to establish a better redistricting system in the state. I believe voters will benefit from a more open redistricting system that reduces so-called ‘safe districts’ and draws better and more realistic legislative district boundaries.” He said better accountability will come from higher visibility.

The Bill (SB 235) approved by the Delaware Senate called for an 11-member commission to redraw Legislative Districts as required by law, every 10 years.

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