Candidate Debate Forum Sponsor Sought


(Newark) A Democratic candidate for the 23rd District State Representative seat in Newark wants to find a civic or media sponsor for a Candidate Debate or forum. Paul Baumbach, one of three Democrats who have filed for the open Legislative post says he thinks it’s “critical that voters in this district have an opportunity to hear the views of all the candidates on the September 11th Primary ballot.” Baumbach continued, “I’m a known advocate for openness in government, and a free and open debate on issues is a critical step in that process.” Baumbach said he is actively seeking out potential sponsors for such a forum and hopes that groups will come forward and offer this public service. He noted media groups, faith communities, and civic associations have sponsored candidate forums in the past. “The 23rd District voters deserve chances to compare folks seeking to represent them. I look forward to several of these events, and I hope that each candidate will make every effort to participate, as a service to the district,” said Baumbach.

No Republican has filed for the seat left open when Rep. Terry Schooley (D) of Newark ended four terms in office at the close of this year’s General Assembly.